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New: On my Way to Samarkand – memoirs of a travelling writer, by Garry Douglas Kilworth

On my way to Samarkand - memoirs of a travelling writer by Garry Douglas KilworthGarry (Douglas) Kilworth is a varied and prolific writer who has travelled widely since childhood, living in a number of countries, especially in the Far East. His books include science fiction and fantasy, historical novels, literary novels, short story collections, children’s books and film novelisations.

This autobiography contains anecdotes about his farm worker antecedents and his rovings around the globe, as well as his experiences in the middle list of many publishing houses.

The style is chatty, the structure loose – pole vaulting time and space on occasion – and the whole saga is an entertaining ramble through a 1950s childhood, foreign climes and the genre corridors of the literary world.

Kilworth is a master of his trade. (Punch)

Garry Kilworth is arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre. (New Scientist)

Kilworth is one of the most significant writers in the English language. (Fear)

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