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Nick Gifford collectibles

Working on the Amazon listings for the new editions of four Nick Gifford YA novels, I was a little surprised to find copies of the first editions on offer at Amazon for rather unbelievable prices.

How about a first edition of Erased for a mere $134.90 or Incubus at $122.32?

A bit steep? Well both are bargains compared to a first edition of Flesh and Blood, which is listed at $211.38.

I’m sure it’s some kind of scam and that these aren’t really viable prices for first edition Nicks, but Hell, it makes the new editions seem like real bargains, with paperbacks of four Nick Gifford novels at $12.99 and ebook editions a mere $3.99 each. Probably best to snap them up quickly before collectors drive the prices up!

Quick progress report – and that movie deal

Busy times!Piggies by Nick Gifford

In recent weeks I’ve been working on an adult fantasy novel and a new Nick Gifford teen novel. The fantasy novel is a big beast, featuring episodes based on stories in my collection Memesis. More news on this when publishing arrangements have been worked out. The teen novel is my first major attempt to write a time travel story; I seem to be going through a phase of tackling major genre tropes at the moment – my other current project is a big adult novel crammed full of aliens. I don’t do aliens; I can never take them seriously enough for the duration of a story; they always seem just a bit silly… But recently, I wrote an alien novelette for Postscripts and there’s this novel. Similarly, I’ve never really found a time travel story strong enough to sustain my interest. Until this one.

The other news is the renewal of the movie option on my Nick Gifford novel Piggies. This novel was published by Puffin in 2003 and almost immediately optioned (with the new title Feeders) by highly-respected producer Jonathan Cavendish (Bridget Jones, Croupier, Trauma). Now working with Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) at Caveman Films, they have just renewed the film option again. I know most film deals don’t lead to an actual film – there are so many obstacles in the way – but it’s lovely that people like this believe in this project enough to have kept pursuing it for all this time, and still seem genuinely excited by it. Here’s hoping!

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