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Ghostwriting: “an excellent collection”

Excellent review of Eric Brown’s Ghostwriting, over at Hellnotes:

“Irrespective of genre limitations Brown is a terrific storyteller as the present collection effectively proves… All in all an excellent collection of entertaining and well written dark fiction.”

Nice to see Eric getting this kind of recognition for this set of haunting, psychological horror: as I’ve said before, I think it contains some of his finest writing.

New from infinity plus: Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Ghostwriting by Eric BrownOver the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here.

They range from the gentle, psychological chiller “The House” to the more overtly fantastical horror of “Li Ketsuwan”, from the contemporary science fiction of “The Memory of Joy” to the almost-mainstream of “The Man Who Never Read Novels”. What they have in common is a concern for character and gripping story-telling.

Ghostwriting is Eric Brown at his humane and compelling best.

How to buy Ghostwriting

Available in various ebook formats or a rather nice trade paperback.

print edition:
CreateSpace (trade paperback, $11.99; this option gives the best royalty to the author)
Amazon US (trade paperback, $11.99)
…Amazon UK (coming soon)

ebook edition:
amazon.com (Kindle format, $2.99)
amazon.co.uk (Kindle format, £1.99)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

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