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Excellent reviews for Garry Kilworth’s The Iron Wire

The Iron Wire by Garry KilworthLovely to see some great early reviews for Garry Kilworth’s new novel The Iron Wire, the story of a young telegrapher taking part in a venture in the Australian outback that would change the world of the 19th Century.

Over on her blog, World Fantasy Award nominee Anna Tambour hails it as a new Australian classic:

Kilworth captures so much of the mystery, beauty, night terrors, and fascination of the uninhabited Australia that I especially recommend this novel to the vast majority of Australians who would no more venture into the bush than they would, drink a cup of pre-barista International Roast… The Iron Wire: A novel of the Adelaide to Darwin Telegraph Line deserves to take its place amongst Australian classics — and is a ripper of a read, anywhere.

Readers posting reviews on Amazon have been equally positive:

I read this book in one go because eh! Suspense! The descriptions are very vivid. You can almost taste the dust! … It’s also beautifully written. It makes you realize that while we can all write a sentence; we can’t all write a beautifully turned sentence. It’s wonderful to read something so well written.

For anyone who loves history, this is a must read. Mr. Kilworth has taken a virtually unknown event in Australia’s history and brought it to life.

A great yarn that carries the reader into the heart of the then barely explored Australian outback as history is being made by ordinary men.

Very evocative of time and place. A well-researched book which grips from the beginning…

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