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Free for two days: Iain Rowan’s Spinetingler-nominated Nowhere To Go, 5/6 April

Nowhere to Go by Iain RowanWhat: a whole collection of crime and suspense fiction for free, you say?

And it contains a winner of the Derringer Award for short fiction? And the original story that formed the basis for a novel shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger Award?

And it’s just been shortlisted for Spinetingler magazine’s Best Short Story Collection Award?

Ah… I see what you’re doing. You’ve made it free in the hope that lots of people will download it and then vote for it in the Spinetingler awards. And then maybe go on and buy a copy of that Debut Dagger-shortlisted novel, which is just out in print and ebook editions.



It’s a fair cop. That’s exactly what we’ve done.

An award-shortlisted collection containing award-winning fiction, for free, so you can read it and decide whether you’d like to reward this really rather good author with your vote, and maybe then go on and buy more of his work.

Seems like a pretty good offer to me.


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