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New: infinity plus singles, 16-20

Just out from infinity plus, the latest batch of infinity plus singles:

Pilots of the Purple Twilight by Kit Reed Pilots of the Purple Twilight
by Kit Reed ($0.99/£0.77)
infinity plus singles #16 [Mar 2012]The wives spent every day by the pool – this was where the men had left them, after all. A moving, incisive story that gets right under your skin from an author whose prose style has been described as “pure dry ice” by The New York Times Book Review.

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Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop by Garry Kilworth Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop
by Garry Kilworth ($0.99/£0.77)
infinity plus singles #17 [Mar 2012]Understand the one you hate. What did the old Chinese man smoke? He smoked his enemy, and when he had smoked the hated man he would know him. “The best short story writer in any genre” (New Scientist).

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All the Little Gods We Are by John Grant All the Little Gods We Are
by John Grant ($0.99/£0.77)
infinity plus singles #18 [Mar 2012]A moving tale by award-winning author John Grant about a man discovering that somehow the story of his past has been written all wrong. A superbly measured fantasy about loss, and sorrow, and the pain of dealing with past passions.

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Closet Dreams by Lisa Tuttle Closet Dreams
by Lisa Tuttle ($0.99/£0.77)
infinity plus singles #19 [Mar 2012]”Something terrible happened to me when I was a little girl…” So begins this extraordinary, International Horror Guild Award-winning  tale of abduction, survival and escape from the author Stephen Jones has called “a major force in macabre fiction.”

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Fear of Widths by David D Levine Fear of Widths
by David D Levine ($0.99/£0.77)
infinity plus singles #20 [Mar 2012]Home for his parents’ funeral … all the familiar, yet unfamiliar, things. And the horizon. How could he have forgotten the horizon? Mind-bending fiction from a Hugo-winning author.

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Forthcoming titles in ebook and print

One of Us by Iain RowanYes, this post’s title says ‘print’.

We’re very pleased to announce that our next title, Iain Rowan’s superb debut crime novel One Of Us, will be available in both ebook and print editions. Iain has won the Derringer Award for his short crime fiction, and this novel was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger Award.

Also available in print soon will be Kaitlin Queen’s crime novel One More Unfortunate (already available as one of our best-selling ebooks).

And another one due soon in print and ebook editions is Eric Brown’s new collection of horror fiction, Ghostwriting.

Other forthcoming titles include Stephen Palmer’s monochrome gothic fantasy, The Rat and the Serpent, and more infinity plus singles from Lisa Tuttle, Eric Brown, David Levine, Kit Reed, Garry Kilworth and others.

infinity plus singles at Amazon’s listmania

A new experiment: I’ve just set up an Amazon listmania list of the first 15 infinity plus singles. (Note: it was a bit faffy to set up, so I only did it at Amazon UK to start with.)

It’ll be interesting to see if it helps people find the books. Of course, it’s already easy to find them just by searching for “infinity plus singles”:

…but I’m intrigued to see if lists like this make it any easier for people to find us.

One striking thing that was reinforced for me when I was doing this is the quality of the stories we’ve been able to pull together for this list, many of them award-winners. What better way to spend all those Amazon vouchers?

New infinity plus singles from Lisa Tuttle, John Grant, Eric Brown, Kit Reed and Anna Tambour

Five more infinity plus singles for November:

The Life Business by John Grant The Life Business
by John Grant ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #6 [Nov 2011]

With astonishing power, award-winning author John Grant portrays the human facility to falsify history, using as his backdrop the beginnings of the late-20th-century troubles in Northern Ireland, as an unwitting mainland schoolboy finds himself caught up in a violence he barely understands.

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The Bone Flute by Lisa Tuttle The Bone Flute
by Lisa Tuttle ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #7 [Nov 2011]

Venn, a fickle and restless young musician, is drawn to the “lost planet” of Habille where, it is said, human nature has changed, and love once experienced can never die. In an afterword written especially for this edition, Lisa Tuttle explains her controversial decision to refuse the Nebula Award for this story.

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The Death of Cassandra Quebec by Eric Brown The Death of Cassandra Quebec
by Eric Brown ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #8 [Nov 2011]

Cassandra Quebec: an artist who had shown the world her soul. At the height of her career she was the world’s most celebrated artist; a year later she was dead. And now… her death has become a work of art. Powerful and clever science fiction from the two times winner of the BSFA short story award.

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Playmate by Kit Reed Playmate
by Kit Reed ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #9 [Nov 2011]

The little boy next door is just so good. In fact, he’s pretty much perfect. And he has a strangely powerful influence on Danny. A disturbing story from an author whose short fiction has been described by as “Brilliant on all levels”.

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Picking Blueberries by Anna Tambour Picking Blueberries
by Anna Tambour ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #10 [Nov 2011]

A powerfully evocative portrait of an alternative community in the early 1970s, told with a child’s-eye simplicity by a young resident. Short fiction from an author whose work has been described by World Fantasy Award-winner Jeff VanderMeer as “Rapacious, intelligent and witty”.

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infinity plus singles: a new line of cheap, bite-sized ebooks from top authors

What it says in the title, really.

Our new venture at infinity plus: a series of short, standalone ebooks, stories you can read in a single sitting from top genre authors, including Eric Brown, Lisa Tuttle, Kit Reed, John Grant and more. Full details are available from the infinity plus singles website.

Our lead title is Iain Rowan‘s One Step Closer, already phenomenally successful as a free ebook, a long-term number one download from Amazon, and winner of the Derringer Award for short crime fiction. Also included in the first batch we have:

  • The Time-Lapsed Man, Eric Brown‘s Interzone readers’ poll-winning story of a starship pilot whose senses fall out of step with the world around him;
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Kristie? by John Grant, a very adult and haunting love story described in an SF Site review as “…like a Ray Bradbury story for mature audiences only”;
  • my own Head Shots, one of my favourites of all my stories over the years, set in a world where the paparazzi can see into the minds of those they pursue;
  • and Kit Reed‘s, wonderfully creepy and moving Old Soldiers.

Lined up for the future, we have stories from Lisa Tuttle (including International Horror Guild Award-winner “Closet Dreams”, and “The Bone Flute”, for which Lisa famously refused a Nebula), Neil Williamson, Anna Tambour, Sarah Ash and others. For now, the stories are reprints, but in future we aim to throw a few new tales into the mix.
It’s a fine line-up, and we think there’s a market for this kind of thing. And now’s the time to find out.

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