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Snapshots: Eric Brown interviewed

What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished the sequel to Helix, entitle Helix Wars, set two hundred years after Helix closes. For people who haven’t read Helix, the Helix is a vast alien construct comprising some ten thousand worlds, and seas, strung in a spiral around a G-type sun. The Builders constructed it as a refuge for all manner of alien races around the galaxy in danger of self-annihilation. The human race on the Helix have the unenviable task of attempting to maintain peace between the six thousand alien race who inhabit worlds on the Helix.

Next up is a novella with Keith Brooke, a couple of short stories, and then The Serene Invasion, my next book for Solaris. It’s about the peaceful invasion of Earth by aliens who arrive and banish our ability to do violence to each other.

What’s recently or soon out?
Just out is a collection from infinity plus books: Ghostwriting collects all eight of my ghost/horror/supernatural tales, and I’d like to think it contains some of my best writing. I don’t write many stories in this genre – the introduction to the collections suggests why – but I enjoy writing them on the infrequent occasions as strange idea comes to me.

Due out in June is The Devil’s Nebula, a space opera adventure set in the world of Weird Space, a future history I developed for Abaddon Books, and which will be featured in novels by other writers. Weird aliens, a little like Lovecraft’s monsters, are breaking through from another realm, infesting human with mind-parasites, and enslaving the race…

Describe your typical writing day.
I try to be very conscientious when I’m working on a novel, short story etc. I begin work around nine and work till midday, then have lunch and begin again around twelve-thirty and knock off for the day at three, when I pick up my daughter from school. I try to write four thousand words a day on a novel, two or three if I’m doing a short story. I try to get the first draft of a novel written in a month or two, and then spend a month re-writing.

When you’re not writing, what do you do?
Read. I’m always reading, and day-dreaming – an important part of a writer’s life. And I love cooking, especially curries. Playing football with my daughter on the beach at Dunbar, to where we’ve just moved.

What would you draw attention to from your back-list?
I think my best books are The Kings of Eternity, Kethani, the Starship novellas, and perhaps the Bengal Station trilogy. They’re all about, principally, human beings, and their emotions, rather than about big SF ideas. I think my other PS Publishing novellas, too, are among my best work – Gilbert and Edgar on Mars, A Writer’s Life, etc.

Which other authors or books do you think deserve a plug?
I’m a big fan of Michael Coney, a sadly neglected Brit SF writer resident for a long time in Canada before his death. His best work is character-driven and lyrical. I’d recommend Hello Summer, Goodbye; and The Girl with a Symphony in her Fingers. Contemporary writers in the genre I enjoy are Chris Wooding and James Lovegrove.

If you were to offer one snippet of writing advice what would it be?
Never give in. Start writing on the next project before the last one is rejected. Read a lot and write a lot. Don’t believe in writer’s block!

So… the easy one: what’s the future of publishing? How will writers be making a living and publishing in five or ten years? What will readers be reading?
Good god… if I had the answers! Make a living? You’ve got to be joking. Those days are long gone. Scrape a living, maybe… E-books are the coming thing, for good or bad. As for what people will be reading. Good fiction, I hope.

Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Born some time in the last century, Eric Brown is older than he likes to believe, though physical degeneration is making him reassess this situation. He’s published knocking on for forty-five books – almost totalling the same number as his age, but he didn’t start publishing until he was twenty-seven. He follows Leeds United football club and consumes too many curries. His website can be found at:

Eric is the author of Ghostwriting, newly out in paperback and ebook formats from infinity plus.

Buy stuff:

New from infinity plus: Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Ghostwriting by Eric BrownOver the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here.

They range from the gentle, psychological chiller “The House” to the more overtly fantastical horror of “Li Ketsuwan”, from the contemporary science fiction of “The Memory of Joy” to the almost-mainstream of “The Man Who Never Read Novels”. What they have in common is a concern for character and gripping story-telling.

Ghostwriting is Eric Brown at his humane and compelling best.

How to buy Ghostwriting

Available in various ebook formats or a rather nice trade paperback.

print edition:
CreateSpace (trade paperback, $11.99; this option gives the best royalty to the author)
Amazon US (trade paperback, $11.99)
…Amazon UK (coming soon)

ebook edition: (Kindle format, $2.99) (Kindle format, £1.99)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

Simultaneous release, or not?

It’s a simple question: as infinity plus starts to release both print and ebook editions of some* of our books, should the two versions be launched simultaneously or not?

The ebook edition is so much speedier to produce: we could release ebooks of our next books from Iain Rowan and Eric Brown within a few days if we chose to. The print editions take much longer: right now we’re waiting for physical proofs of these two to be delivered; when we finally give the go-ahead for distribution, it’s likely to take a few weeks more until they’re widely available.

So: should we delay the ebooks so that both editions can come out together, or should we just plunge in as and when the different editions are ready?

* Why will only some of our books have print editions? We decide on a case by case basis. In many cases, we have electronic rights but another publisher still has print rights, so we can only do the ebook edition. In other cases, while the print rights may be available, if a print edition has already been produced that format might be less viable for us to re-release. Our first three print books have never had a print edition before, and only one of them has been out as an ebook: Ghostwriting, a new collection of psychological horror from Eric Brown will be published for the first time in ebook and print editions, as will Iain Rowan’s Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger-shortlisted novel One of Us; Kaitlin Queen’s adult crime debut, One More Unfortunate, appeared in an ebook edition just over a year ago, but has not previously had a print edition.

Coming soon: Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Coming soon, in ebook and print editions:

Ghostwriting by Eric Brown

Over the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here. They range from the gentle, psychological chiller “The House” to the more overtly fantastical horror of “Li Ketsuwan”, from the contemporary science fiction of “The Memory of Joy” to the almost-mainstream of “The Man Who Never Read Novels”. What they have in common is a concern for character and the need to tell a story. Ghostwriting is Eric brown at his humane and compelling best.

“British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful”—New Scientist

“Eric Brown has an enviable talent for writing stories which are the essence of modern science fiction and yet show a passionate concern for the human predicament and human values”—Bob Shaw

“SF infused with a cosmopolitan and literary sensibility”—Paul McAuley

Forthcoming titles in ebook and print

One of Us by Iain RowanYes, this post’s title says ‘print’.

We’re very pleased to announce that our next title, Iain Rowan’s superb debut crime novel One Of Us, will be available in both ebook and print editions. Iain has won the Derringer Award for his short crime fiction, and this novel was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger Award.

Also available in print soon will be Kaitlin Queen’s crime novel One More Unfortunate (already available as one of our best-selling ebooks).

And another one due soon in print and ebook editions is Eric Brown’s new collection of horror fiction, Ghostwriting.

Other forthcoming titles include Stephen Palmer’s monochrome gothic fantasy, The Rat and the Serpent, and more infinity plus singles from Lisa Tuttle, Eric Brown, David Levine, Kit Reed, Garry Kilworth and others.

New: Penumbra by Eric Brown

Penumbra by Eric BrownWhen a young tug pilot’s career is ruined by a collision in Earth orbit he has no choice but to accept a commission to fly an eccentric ship builder to planet far from the trade routes. When they discover alien ruins on the planet and the hulk of a missing generation ship they are thrown into the centre of a conspiracy that reaches back centuries.

Meanwhile on Earth a young Indian police officer is trying to track down a serial killer little suspecting that the killer is linked to what is happening on a planet light years away and that her own past holds the key to everything that is happening.

Eric Brown has written a novel that brings together an extraordinary imagination, rare sensitivity to character and a love of Eastern philosphy.

A key novel from one of the UK’s favourite SF writers.

Buy now: (Kindle format, $2.99) (Kindle format, £1.99)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

“This is a very skilfully plotted novel about which it is best not to give too much away… This is the book for readers who really don’t want to know where a writer might be taking them… The more meditative aspects of Penumbra bring to mind the calm of Arthur C Clarke’s work, while those who appreciate the involved mystery will find much to enjoy in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Icehenge.”
– Gary S Dalkin

“British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful”
– New Scientist

“SF infused with a cosmopolitan and literary sensibility”
– Paul McAuley

“One of the very best of the new generation of British SF writers”
– Vector

“Eric Brown has an enviable talent for writing stories which are the essence of modern science fiction and yet show a passionate concern for the human predicament and human values”
– Bob Shaw

Cover by Dominic Harman.

New infinity plus singles from Lisa Tuttle, John Grant, Eric Brown, Kit Reed and Anna Tambour

Five more infinity plus singles for November:

The Life Business by John Grant The Life Business
by John Grant ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #6 [Nov 2011]

With astonishing power, award-winning author John Grant portrays the human facility to falsify history, using as his backdrop the beginnings of the late-20th-century troubles in Northern Ireland, as an unwitting mainland schoolboy finds himself caught up in a violence he barely understands.

BUY NOW: from Amazon USAmazon UKSmashwords

The Bone Flute by Lisa Tuttle The Bone Flute
by Lisa Tuttle ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #7 [Nov 2011]

Venn, a fickle and restless young musician, is drawn to the “lost planet” of Habille where, it is said, human nature has changed, and love once experienced can never die. In an afterword written especially for this edition, Lisa Tuttle explains her controversial decision to refuse the Nebula Award for this story.

BUY NOW: from Amazon USAmazon UKSmashwords

The Death of Cassandra Quebec by Eric Brown The Death of Cassandra Quebec
by Eric Brown ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #8 [Nov 2011]

Cassandra Quebec: an artist who had shown the world her soul. At the height of her career she was the world’s most celebrated artist; a year later she was dead. And now… her death has become a work of art. Powerful and clever science fiction from the two times winner of the BSFA short story award.

BUY NOW: from Amazon USAmazon UKSmashwords

Playmate by Kit Reed Playmate
by Kit Reed ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #9 [Nov 2011]

The little boy next door is just so good. In fact, he’s pretty much perfect. And he has a strangely powerful influence on Danny. A disturbing story from an author whose short fiction has been described by as “Brilliant on all levels”.

BUY NOW: from Amazon USAmazon UKSmashwords

Picking Blueberries by Anna Tambour Picking Blueberries
by Anna Tambour ($0.99/£0.86)
infinity plus singles #10 [Nov 2011]

A powerfully evocative portrait of an alternative community in the early 1970s, told with a child’s-eye simplicity by a young resident. Short fiction from an author whose work has been described by World Fantasy Award-winner Jeff VanderMeer as “Rapacious, intelligent and witty”.

BUY NOW: from Amazon USAmazon UKSmashwords

infinity plus singles: a new line of cheap, bite-sized ebooks from top authors

What it says in the title, really.

Our new venture at infinity plus: a series of short, standalone ebooks, stories you can read in a single sitting from top genre authors, including Eric Brown, Lisa Tuttle, Kit Reed, John Grant and more. Full details are available from the infinity plus singles website.

Our lead title is Iain Rowan‘s One Step Closer, already phenomenally successful as a free ebook, a long-term number one download from Amazon, and winner of the Derringer Award for short crime fiction. Also included in the first batch we have:

  • The Time-Lapsed Man, Eric Brown‘s Interzone readers’ poll-winning story of a starship pilot whose senses fall out of step with the world around him;
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Kristie? by John Grant, a very adult and haunting love story described in an SF Site review as “…like a Ray Bradbury story for mature audiences only”;
  • my own Head Shots, one of my favourites of all my stories over the years, set in a world where the paparazzi can see into the minds of those they pursue;
  • and Kit Reed‘s, wonderfully creepy and moving Old Soldiers.

Lined up for the future, we have stories from Lisa Tuttle (including International Horror Guild Award-winner “Closet Dreams”, and “The Bone Flute”, for which Lisa famously refused a Nebula), Neil Williamson, Anna Tambour, Sarah Ash and others. For now, the stories are reprints, but in future we aim to throw a few new tales into the mix.
It’s a fine line-up, and we think there’s a market for this kind of thing. And now’s the time to find out.

infinities: now free on Amazon UK too… and more lessons from ebook pricing experiments

It’s taken a while, but now Amazon UK has caught up with the US and dropped the price of our infinities anthology to zero.This is yet more good news for us, as the purpose of the book is to draw new readers in to explore the work of our authors and friends.


When the price dropped in the US this book raced up the freebie charts and has lodged itself firmly in the top ten anthologies; within an hour infinities hit the number two spot in Amazon’s UK anthology chart. We’ve had a similar experience with Iain Rowan’s Derringer-winning short story One Step Closer, which has been the UK’s top free short story for more than a week now.

So our experience so far is that freebies shift copies. Not so much of a surprise, but nice to see that the ones we’ve released have competed extremely well with all the other free stuff that’s knocking around.

What will be really interesting is seeing whether these freebies are just hoarded – downloaded because they’re free, but not necessarily read. Or if they’re read, but the kind of people who download freebies aren’t inclined to actually buy the other books we have to offer.

Or, as we hope, the freebies will introduce our authors to new readers who will then go on and buy more from that author.

It’s hard to prove cause and effect, of course, but we’ll be doing what we can over coming weeks to see if there’s a freebie effect or not!

infinities: number one at Amazon

After a couple of days at number two, finally our infinities anthology has taken the top spot in Amazon’s free anthology chart! So far the book is still free only on the US site, but I hope it will reach the UK site before too long.

number one at Amazon

download now for free from Amazon US


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