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Normal service will be resumed…

…after I’m married.

Apologies to anyone who’s expecting to hear from me this month: I’m still working on various ebook and writing projects but I’ve run out of time for now and most things will go on hold until after I’m back from my honeymoon.

The wedding’s on 23 June, and I’ll be picking things up again in July, with some fantastic infinity plus book projects lined up from authors including Nir Yaniv, Robert Freeman Wexler, Garry Kilworth, Lisa Tuttle and more, including another set of five singles.

Until then: cheers!

The Robot Trading Company – a new hub for genre fiction?

I’m very pleased to announce that infinity plus is one of the first partners in Angry Robot’s new venture, the Robot Trading Company. Rather than simply sell their own titles, Angry Robot will be featuring books from other publishers on an equal footing.

This approach has some really interesting possibilities, one of which is that the Robot Trading Company will establish itself as a hub for quality genre fiction.

For the last couple of years the ebook market has grown and developed at a dramatic rate.

One aspect of this is that publishing has been democratised: anyone with the right tools can become a publisher, or self-publisher. Some really good work has emerged as a direct result of this, and the publishing world is starting to wake up to the idea that there are lessons to learn.

One down-side is that there’s an awful lot of noise out there: how do readers reliably find the good stuff? Filters and gatekeepers will emerge: reliable reviewers and bloggers are doing an excellent job of steering us towards what’s interesting. Quality booksellers will also do this. Weightless Books is one such specialist, with an excellent list of titles available.

And now we have the Robot Trading Company: the online bookselling branch of one of the most interesting book publishers in genre fiction, now in partnership with other quality ebook publishers. It’s a new model, and – regardless of my vested interest in its success – I’ll be watching closely to see if it’s an indicator of a new direction for book publishing and sales.

Now in print: Nowhere To Go by Iain Rowan

Nowhere to Go by Iain RowanNow available in a stylish trade paperback: Iain Rowan’s Nowhere To Go collects together stories previously published in Alfred Hitchcocks’ Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and other top magazines and anthologies, and includes the Derringer Award-winning short story “One Step Closer”.

Recently shortlisted for a Spinetingler award for Best Short Story Collection, Nowhere To Go is available in ebook and print editions from:

Trade paperback
CreateSpace ($10.99) ($10.99) (£6.99)
Ebook (Kindle format, $2.99) (Kindle format, £1.99)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

“A short story writer of the highest calibre.”
— Allan Guthrie, author of Top Ten Kindle Bestseller Bye Bye Baby, winner of Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year

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