Snapshots: Catherine Asaro interviewed

What have you recently finished? What’s recently or soon out?
My most recent novel is Carnelians, which is in the Tales of the Ruby Dynasty (the Skolia books). That came out in October 2011 from Baen Books (Simon & Schuster). I also had an anthology come out, a limited collector’s edition from ISFic Press that accompanied my Guest of Honor appearance at Windycon this last November. It’s called Aurora in Four Voices. The anthology includes “The Spacetime Pool,” which won the Nebula, and several Ruby Dynasty works. It also has an essay about the mathematics that I use in my fiction called “A Poetry of Dreams and Angles.”

In eBooks, my most recent publications are The Spacetime Pool and The City of Cries,  both available on Kindle, Nook, and other formats (The Spacetime Pool also includes the novelette “Light and Shadow” and the essay from Aurora in Four Voices). My publisher in audio books is currently in the process of recording Carnelians.

Oh! I also have a brand new Ruby Dynasty novelette about Soz Valdoria (one of my most popular characters) coming out in the anthology The Mammoth Book of SF Wars, edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates. The release date for that anthology is May, 2012.

And of course, I recently had a chapter co-written with Kate Dolan in a great book called Strange Divisions and alien territories: the sub-genres of science fiction.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a near future thriller at the moment, and also on a CD that will go with it as a soundtrack.

What would you draw attention to from your back-list?
I have such a big backlist. The stand alone novels are mostly still available, near future thrillers like Alpha and The Phoenix Code. For my Ruby Dynasty books, a good one to start with is Diamond Star because it doesn’t depend on the others in the series (it was written first). In my fantasy, I’d say The Charmed Sphere or The Misted Cliffs. In my fantasy, I’d say The Charmed Sphere or The Misted Cliffs.

If you were to offer one snippet of writing advice what would it be?
Never give up! No matter how many rejections you receive, no matter how hard it may seem to get your stories out there, never stop trying. And be polite. Don’t spam people about your books. Use courtesy. Read Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog about writing and publishing.

So… the easy one: what’s the future of publishing? How will writers be making a living and publishing in five or ten years? What will readers be reading?
I’d expect to see a lot more works available as eBooks. It’s the wave of the future. We’ll probably be seeing a lot more writers publishing themselves in electronic format.


The author of more than twenty-five books, Catherine Asaro is acclaimed for her Ruby Dynasty series, which combines adventure, science, romance and fast-paced action. Among her many distinctions, she is a double winner of the Nebula®, a multiple winner of the Analog AnLab and a three time recipient of the RT BOOKClub Award for “Best SF Novel.” Her latest books are the novel Carnelians (Baen) and the anthology Aurora in Four Voices (ISFiC Press). Her award-winning novella “The City of Cries” recently came out as an eBook.

Catherine also has two music CD’s out and is working on her third. The first, Diamond Star, is the rock-opera soundtrack for her novel of the same name. She appears at cons and other venues, including as Guest of Honor at the Denmark and New Zealand National Conventions. In concert, her band performs a multimedia project mixing literature, dance, and music. She is also a physicist with a PhD from Harvard.

Visit Catherine and chat with her at

On Twitter, you can hang out with her at Catherine_Asaro.

With Kate Dolan, Catherine wrote the chapter ‘The Literature of Planetary Adventure’ in Strange Divisions and Alien Territories: the sub-genres of science fiction (edited by Keith Brooke, published by Palgrave Macmillan, February 2012).

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