New: Penumbra by Eric Brown

Penumbra by Eric BrownWhen a young tug pilot’s career is ruined by a collision in Earth orbit he has no choice but to accept a commission to fly an eccentric ship builder to planet far from the trade routes. When they discover alien ruins on the planet and the hulk of a missing generation ship they are thrown into the centre of a conspiracy that reaches back centuries.

Meanwhile on Earth a young Indian police officer is trying to track down a serial killer little suspecting that the killer is linked to what is happening on a planet light years away and that her own past holds the key to everything that is happening.

Eric Brown has written a novel that brings together an extraordinary imagination, rare sensitivity to character and a love of Eastern philosphy.

A key novel from one of the UK’s favourite SF writers.

Buy now: (Kindle format, $2.99) (Kindle format, £1.99)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

“This is a very skilfully plotted novel about which it is best not to give too much away… This is the book for readers who really don’t want to know where a writer might be taking them… The more meditative aspects of Penumbra bring to mind the calm of Arthur C Clarke’s work, while those who appreciate the involved mystery will find much to enjoy in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Icehenge.”
— Gary S Dalkin

“British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful”
— New Scientist

“SF infused with a cosmopolitan and literary sensibility”
— Paul McAuley

“One of the very best of the new generation of British SF writers”
— Vector

“Eric Brown has an enviable talent for writing stories which are the essence of modern science fiction and yet show a passionate concern for the human predicament and human values”
— Bob Shaw

Cover by Dominic Harman.

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