Queen Bee: an experiment in cheap, short SF

Queen Bee - short science fiction by Keith Brooke

Continuing my exploration of electronic publishing, first started almost exactly 14 years ago with the online genre fiction showcase infinity plus, I’ve brought out one of my short stories as a standalone ebook.

Will people buy it? Priced at 99 cents, short stories have been successful for some e-published authors: tapping into the market of impulse buyers, people looking for a quick lunchtime read, and those looking to discover new (to them) writers.

I’m not expecting to retire on the proceeds, but what I am hoping to do, with this and other ventures, is try to find ways that writers can find their best audiences. It’s clear that there are a lot of people buying ebooks; what’s missing, or not yet complete, is the way of matching them up with the best writers. I’d hasten to add that I’m not making great claims for myself here: this is about exploring market mechanisms and seeing what’s emerging. It’s what I’ve been doing for 14 years, at least.

Anyhow… here’s the blurb:

Domed cities; a lost lover; alien lifeforms whose biochemical excretions might kill you or worse…

Colvin Stark must battle deadly jungle and primitive settlers to find his fleeing lover, and his destiny. Traditional science fiction with a contemporary spin, Queen Bee showcases the short fiction talent of an author described by Locus as belonging in “the recognized front ranks of SF writers”.

Available from:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Smashwords

About Keith Brooke and infinity plus

Keith Brooke is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and other strange stuff, and editor and reviewer of same. He is also the publisher at infinity plus, an independent imprint publishing books by leading genre fiction authors. View all posts by Keith Brooke and infinity plus

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