Ebook schedule and another cover

Approaching Omega - science fiction adventure from Eric BrownDue to time pressures on other projects, I’m afraid the planned four infinity plus ebook titles for August have slipped a little.

We did manage to get Eric Brown’s Meridian Days out on schedule, but the other three have been pushed back to September.

In the meantime, here’s Dominic Harman’s fantastic cover for Eric’s Approaching Omega, which will be out soon.

Production work is well under way on all three remaining titles, so we should be able to stick to the target this time, and by the end of September we’ll have hit twenty titles.

And, of course, we have several more in hand for the rest of the year, including novels from Stephen Palmer, among others.

About Keith Brooke and infinity plus

Keith Brooke is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and other strange stuff, and editor and reviewer of same. He is also the publisher at infinity plus, an independent imprint publishing books by leading genre fiction authors. View all posts by Keith Brooke and infinity plus

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