“The best short story writer in any genre” – New Scientist

New release: Phoenix Man by Garry Kilworth

Phoenix Man - short fiction for Kindle, Nook and other e-readersThe man who learned to walk on water and one who discovered how to beat fire, a visionary who sees a world filled with people quite unlike his own, a man who can soak up anything that’s thrown at him.

Thirteen eclectic stories of discovery and wonder – five of them original to this collection – from a writer described by New Scientist as “the best short story writer in any genre”.

Available from:
amazon.com (Kindle format, $2.99)
amazon.co.uk (Kindle format, £2.14)
Smashwords (various formats, including epub, mobi, Sony and PDF, $2.99)

“The best short story I have read for many years.”
— JG Ballard, on Kilworth’s “Sumi Dreams of a Paper Frog” (Songbirds of Pain)

“As a whole the book is a captivating collection!”
— Murio Guslandi, in Emerald City Magazine, on Kilworth’sMoby Jack and Other Tall Tales

“Garry Kilworth’s stories refuse easy categorization; they’re gorgeously written, heartbreakingly poignant, multiculturally savvy, sharp and smart, and always strange and surprising.”
— Claude Lalumiere, on Kilworth’s Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales


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